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The Autistic Side of Love – a book written by Samuel Richard Turner

Remember our AGT singer and ITV Fundraising Winner, Samuel Turner?

Well, he is back in an all-new storybook written so deep in his heart.

In “The Autistic Side of Love” the story remarks how life with autism can be hard and challenging in the community during the Coronavirus pandemic. In the story comes a young man named Markus Evans which had suffered autism in his life with his parents living in his new Welsh home in Carmarthenshire.

Till a girl with autism came back from his past with true romantic life to a new journey that can make Markus’s dream come true again.

Written by ITV CYMRU WALES Fundraising Winner Samuel Turner, the 2021 Autism Got Talent performer.

“The Autistic Side of Love” is a new love story, filled with love at first sight, autism style.

Samuel shared:“Since my efforts I’ve approached from experience, I think making this storybook makes me not only just proud but honoured in order for me to recap everyone that autistic people can reach a light at the end of the tunnel when someone you love can come back to you anytime, anywhere. I think adding a little remark of the pandemic in this story can make a great example, as autistic people did stress a lot when Coronavirus yet broke out despite my experience with it.”

The story is now available to buy on Amazon UK in paperback for £6.00 GBP, and on Kindle Devices for only £4.50 GBP.
Click here to purchase your copy.

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Book ReviewsThe Autistic Side of Love – a book written by Samuel Richard Turner