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A wonderful experience and spoilt for choice a terminally ill father Gavin Bailey was left with a decision every super-car fan could only dream about – a powerful line up of rare cars from Ferrari, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Porsche and Jaguar were all on offer for the day.

Gavin,  who was given just three to six months to live in October after being diagnosed with Glioblastoma multiforme an aggressive cancer of the brain – chose the Aston to sit in first, before being taken for his first spin in the green Lamborghini.

Gavin said “I can’t believe it its just amazing how lucky I am. “I only thought there would be one or two cars here. They are all incredible.” The day was organised by Charity Today’s Lee Rayment at #Peterborough Football FC car park.


Lee Rayment and Anna Kennedy OBE spread the word across social media and the response was amazing . Cars were being offered for days and super car owners from across the land came forward to help put a smile on Gavin’s face.

Anna Kennedy OBE Patron of #UKCharityWeek and Lee Rayment @UKCharityToday  Editor would like to take the opportunity on behalf of the family to thank everyone for their support and help in making this happen.

Both Anna and Lee linked with Paul Wallace on Twitter , who runs Youtube channel Supercars of #London, helped organise many of the supercar owners to bring their cars for Gavin – including his own Jaguar. Paul said: “I got tagged in a tweet, and saw the story, and thought I could help and I felt I needed to get involved, so Paul contacted Lamborghini and Ferrari, but their cars were all hired out over Christmas, but my audience started to get in touch.

Paul shared “Seeing the smile on Gavin’s face was brilliant, it is nice to see the cars used in a positive way like this – sometimes they can have a stigma, but they can really put a smile on someone’s face.”

Anna Kennedy added ‘Social Media can sometimes be a negative experience however the power of social media and people coming together has created special memories for this family.’

Here is an article covered by ITV:

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