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The proven scientific and neurological benefits of massage – an article by Giuliana Wheater with her video

Why am I writing an article promoting touch during this time I hear some of you cry ? Well because it has never been needed more! 

What puzzles me the most is that pubs and tea rooms are allowed to open and the social distancing I saw last weekend was, in practice, non existent . 

Yet massage therapists are still not allowed to work …

Touch is key to boosting immunity !!!

Massage also naturally stimulates happy hormones and coping chemicals, most notably serotonin (the hormone of happiness, confidence, self esteem), oxytocin (love and nurture), dopamine (pleasure, focus, concentration & motivation along with other higher or executive brain functions) and endorphins (pain relief, euphoria and well-being). 

Therapeutic touch through massage also grounds, calms, relaxes, eases stress which can lead to ill health, lowers/stabilises blood pressure and and hugely boosts memory and learning. 

As Michelangelo noted hundreds of years ago “to touch is to give life”. Touch is the core sense which is present when as babies we explore the world before we open our eyes and is the last sense remaining until we pass. In a nutshell humans need touch to thrive.

Experiments from the 1950’s/60’s with Harry Harlow, although controversial due to different times,  proved that touch boosts immunity, emotional intelligence, social intelligence, physical health and growth as well as better bonding skills and trust, far greater resilience to stress and less behavioural issues. 

Leaders in the field such as Darlene Francis,Michael Meaden and Tiffany Field continue to prove these results to this day . 

Touch also boosts resilience to peer pressure and makes for better relationships both at school and work as well as leading to financial gain as a result. So please watch my short video and see how you can begin massaging yourselves, family and friends . 

News The proven scientific and neurological benefits of massage – an article by Giuliana Wheater