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The science behind Sound – an article by Giuliana Wheater with her video

Sound is part of mindfulness and yoga … and is one of the only activities that activates, stimulates and uses the whole brain !! It also stimulates the second/enteric brain in the gut which hold onto fear, trauma and anxiety and floods it with the happiness and confidence hormone serotonin, so fabulous for self esteem and feeling able to cope and function .

Dr Emoto, a leading scientist in this field , has conducted hundreds of laboratory tests on water to prove how when positive sounds, music or words are said or played to water, when frozen that water forms the most stunning, unique and intricate crystals. Conversely, water that had negative or unpleasant sounds, music or words played or said to it was unable to form crystals when frozen.

Sound and music resets the body and mind. We are made of 99% water in the womb and as babies. As we reach adolescence this drops to 75%. Most adults are made of 70% water and even as we grow really old we are still made up of around 50% water. See how amazingly central and important it is?? I love it!

The vibration of sound has proven scientific benefits with other leaders in the field being Dr Margaret Patterson and Dr Ifor Capel who proved how when the brainwaves drop from the chattering beta levels we are used to, down to alpha, the brain produces serotonin!!!

Sound can help us drop as far as theta and delta levels which for our bodies and brains is like being a mobile phone and having a giant update ! It helps with sleep, mood, aggression, health, heart rate, immunity, stress levels, relationships, focus, ptsd, adhd, autism, cancer, anxiety, depression and chronic pain. It also boosts concentration, learning and clear thinking!

Sound can be accessed through music, singing bowls, Tibetan bells and ocean drums to name a few as well as using sound with breathing and humming. It suits all budgets, ages and abilities so is gorgeously inclusive. I for one can’t get enough of it and weave it in many of the therapies I do including meditations or guided journeys where I wrap and bathe the listeners in sound. Beautiful!!!

the science behind sound
the science behind sound
the science behind sound
the science behind sound
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NewsThe science behind Sound – an article by Giuliana Wheater