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The Willow Tree Club

Having come to the end of education and faced with a pandemic, meant that all plans for the future of our young people who have additional needs dramatically changed.  No volunteering, no job coaches, no support and no going out.

How do you meet people, keep mental stimulation and have fun?  A friend and I have worked together on a charity called Waggy Tails Club whose community is young people who have additional needs that were in a similar situation so we could see first-hand the struggle that other families faced having their children at home with little to do and so came the birth of an idea….

We called it.. The Willow Tree Club, we offer online activities for people with additional needs which is non age restrictive, inclusive, interactive, a safe space to be with like-minded people. As leaders we are enhanced DBS checked and the tutors are employed for their compassion and fun factor for the people that we support. Having fun is very important!

Activities run from Monday – Friday and are half an hour, to an hour in length. Our sessions include things like Drumming, Singing along with a musician, Cookery, Sign Language to music, Dancing, Craft and learning about different countries in a fun way in ‘Wish You Were Here?’, Basic French and Spanish (for those who might like to learn a few words to use on holiday).

The prices of the activities are on our website and cost between £6 – £10.  Although we do offer a free session just so they can see if they like it.  The great part about booking is that they don’t have to take part every week, they can choose what works for them.

As we are not age bound, they could start doing our activities at the age of 7 and still be the same ones as they get older so when they eventually leave their educational placements, they have something familiar that grows with them.

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The Willow Tree Club
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