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This week is #internationalstressawarenessweek

‘Stress and anxiety affect many autistic children and adults, causing significant distress that may be expressed in ways that challenge the person and others who struggle to understand them’

International Stress Awareness Week was created in 2018 to raise awareness about stress prevention, following the establishment of Stress Awareness Day in 1998. International Stress Awareness Week has developed as a major annual event focusing on stress management.

Subjects this year’s event will address include:

  • Experiences people have with mental health challenges and what can be done to help them
  • How employers are responding to mental health issues and what can be learnt
  • Campaigning against the stigma associated with stress and mental health issues
  • The role of stress management professionals in alleviating stress, with practical and proven techniques for building resilience
  • What further actions need to be taken in the light of the pandemic and possible changes in future working practices
  • Ensuring that those suffering from stress know where to go to seek advice

#Stress #anxiety #autism

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NewsThis week is #internationalstressawarenessweek