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Our Ambassador Thomas Henley speaks about #AutiePower in support of our Give Us A Break campaign

Our Ambassador Thomas Henley is supporting our Give Us A Break campaign

There have been some horrific cases in the media and we as a Charity continue to campaign to raise awareness with this growing concern exacerbated further by mate crime, cyber bullying, which has led to some tragic outcomes.

If you would like to spread the word of our Give Us A Break campaign please click here to download the poster print off and please take a photograph of yourself and email it to us, so we can share your support. Please share and let us make a change – together we are stronger!

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Tom’s idea to launch this week and carry on after this week since Bullying happens all year round:-

It’s World Anti-Bullying week… let’s talk about AUTISM 🌏

To show your support for autism awareness and inclusion, we invite you to join the ‘Autie Power’ movement!

Posts will be shared and highlighted on our social media, allowing you to share your experience with bullying and make a positive change in society!

How to make sure your story gets seen 👀 :-

 * Post a picture on your social media… striking your best power pose or doing something you love! 💪🏻

 * Use the #autiepower hashtag ♾

 * Tag 5 friends to get this ball rolling ⚽️

Hopefully with enough traction, this will allow the extremely high rates of bullying, mental health issues, and social isolation in the autistic community to get noticed by the mainstream media!

Power to you all and let’s make a positive impact💥


Please watch the podcast as well as the YouTube version below

GUAB Our Ambassador Thomas Henley supports our Give Us A Break campaign