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What Is Friendship? An article by our Ambassador Paul Isaacs

I think these are all valuable points – the test of a friendship can be outside of an environment that you were habituated in or become accustomed to.

What I behaviour I find worrying is people who appear to care on (sometimes on a superficial level) or proclaim genuine connection but internally act otherwise and switch to other “friends” because of social-emotional convenience or opportunity.

For me that isn’t true friendship that is situational necessity and can be fuelled by co-dependency, gas-lighting and sometimes a chronic need for external validation.

Now I understand the psychological underpinnings of such patterns – trauma, attachment, personality disorders etc.

But hypothetically if someone is going to take conscious ownership when information has been supplied work on being your own best friend first and break the cycle of victimhood and empower yourself to take control and autonomy.

Friendships should be built at the very least on genuine connection, rapport, and dynamism if that isn’t there how can that be a called a friendship?

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Paul Isaacs 2021

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Culture CampaignWhat Is Friendship? an article by our Ambassador Paul Isaacs