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World Autism Day – Ben Pearson

World Autism Day an article by our Ambassador Ben Pearson

My name is Ben Pearson, from growing up in social care and having autism I have never felt “acceptable”, more to the point, bullied, ‘picked on’ and feeling belittled for being different. I have never applied for a job but have interviewed many candidates for jobs and there is some very special talent in people on the spectrum!

Setting up a business, especially if you are on the spectrum is hard work, but the results are worth every bit. When the tough get going, just keep your head down and plough on and if you work hard like your life depends on it and drive those obsessive thoughts into something positive you will succeed. Do not be ruled by fear!

My team are very much aware that I can get overwhelmed in busy chaotic environments so they try and be calm around me, as otherwise my anxiety will flare up!

My wife is my rock, she stands by me in every situation and understands sometimes my autism kicks in and boom! So, she understands and forgives things that are hard wired as she knows I will be working hard to prevent such happening again (autistic rages are one I am still working on).

Work life balance, what is that? I wish and know I should have one, but trying to get me away from my work is like trying to stop the tide coming in. I have been like this for over 10 years and do not intend stopping…

Never be afraid to ‘bang’ on doors, your best one is yet to open!

 With the upmost love and respect for my fellow friends on the spectrum, remember we are one and we can do this!

Big love, Ben

Bigclothing4u, with huge credit to Anna Kennedy for all her hard work and support.

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